Argenti Furniture
...over 40 years of history


In 1968 Sergio Argenti, master carpenter, founded the Argenti Mobili company in Porlezza (Como).

The company produces standard furniture, built-in wardrobes, modern and classic kitchens, wooden doors and windows, interior doors, skirting boards, false ceilings as well as all the special carpentry work.

In 1973, the laboratory was expanded and at the same time new generation systems and machinery were introduced.

In 1978 Argenti Furniture joined a small exhibition to the workshop, so starting the commercial activity concerning the sale of generic furniture.

As the activity continued, Argenti Furniture encouraged the commercial activity over the production so that the small display of furniture now grew up to the total occupation of the production area.

In the current laboratory, only those particular works are carried out that the supplier companies do not perform.

Since 1968 the working relationships with Switzerland and in particular with the canton Ticino have developed optimally, above all with the supply of doors and windows to builders and constructors.

In 1995 Argenti Furniture opens in Mezzovico and assiduously participates in the most important furnishing fair of the canton, ARTECASA.

Over the years the exhibition area reaches a total area of c.a. 2,500 square meters.

In 2008 Argenti Furniture moved to Gravesano, opening a new showroom of over 2,500 square meters. where kitchens and furniture in general of production and style "made in Italy" are exhibited.

To date, in line with modern market trends, the Argenti Furniture Factory focuses on interior design and providing customized solutions as the first free service for its affectionate clientele, continuing as always to provide quality and Italian prices associated with the reliability of a company that has been living in Switzerland for years.